All prices quoted are subject to VAT at the current rate.

Hire Term: Unless specified / agreed too otherwise, The initial hire period is for 4 weeks or less. Additional hire charge of 10% plus vat, if applicable, per week after the initial hire period.

Payment Terms: Full payment prior to dismantling.

A deposit of 20% of the estimate will be required upon acceptance of the quote, 40% of the estimate will be required to be paid once the scaffolding is erected, 40% of the estimate will be required at the end of the agreed hire period. Should the progress or completion of the works specified in this quotation be delayed for any reason beyond the control of LSE, the hirers will grant LSE a reasonable extension of time for completing the works.

Scaffolding Boards: As Scaffold Boards are often moved after we have placed them into position, we would remind you that it is your responsibility to ensure that the working platforms comply with the Regulations at all times. We reserve the right to carry out scaffolding inspections which will be charged at £150+VAT per visit.

Foundations: You are to ensure that the ground and/or base provided for our scaffold is adequate to support the load without settlement, and provide any necessary spreaders. If the foundations are not deemed safe, we reserve the right to charge a aborted fee of 30%.

Ties And Bracing: You are to ensure that adequate facilities for tying are made available and are maintained. No ties or braces are to be removed without reference to LSE. We reserve the right to carry out inspection for this which will be charged at £150+VAT per visit.

Sheeting / Signage: LSE is not responsible for damage caused by high winds or misuse. Signs/tarpaulin sheets (or other windsails) must not be fixed to a scaffold unless it has been specifically designed to take them. If this is breached LSE reserve the right to charge the client for damages.

Inspection: The responsibility of weekly inspection will immediately transfer to the hirer upon erection unless the hirer instructs LSE to carry out the weekly inspection prior to commencement of the job. LSE will not undertake statutory inspections of scaffolds or the signing of the registers as the Regulations provide that these are the responsibility of the employers of labour using the scaffold. In accordance with Schedule 7 of the Working at Height Regulations 2005 all items are to be inspected every 7 days or after use. The fee for this is £175 + VAT for each inspection LSE carries out.

Prices are quoted at works being carried out during normal working hours unless otherwise stated. Night works will be charged at the night rate where applicable. The area where the scaffold is to be erected is clear of any obstructions. No retention is applicable to scaffolding. Aborted visits will be charged in full.

Highways Licensing: The hirer will take full responsibility to obtain a highway license / permit should one be required. LSE are able upon written instruction from the client to obtain the necessary permits on their behalf. There is a charge of £250+VAT for the submission of the application. Any site visits carried out to obtain the license will be charged at £200+VAT. Any deposits that are needed to secure the application will be charged at 25% of the deposit amount. Should the highway license / permit need extending it will be charged at £200+VAT.

Parking: Main contractor to obtain all dispensation orders, parking, permits, road closures, and pavement licenses unless agreed otherwise. If there is no adequate parking on site and parking tickets are issued, the cost will be passed on with a 20% handling fee for each ticket issued.

Protection: Although we will take every care, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to finished surfaces that are complete or nearing completion. Hirer to provide and install all coverings to protect the works including the supply of tarpaulins, dustsheets, or timber cladding protection whilst we are working in or around such areas. In the event that our works require us to work on or above a flat or sloping roof, the hirer is to provide us with specific details on the structural value of the roof and to carry out all protective covers and edge protection as deemed necessary prior to us commencing work. Alternatively, the hirer shall instruct L.S.E to carry out these protective works on his behalf at an agreed cost.

Roofs: LSE shall not be responsible for any damage caused to roof slates tiles asphalts timbers whilst working on or above any roof and the hirers shall accept full responsibility.

Temporary Roof: It is pointed out that the roof covering is only temporary and whilst every endeavor will be made at the time of erection to ensure that the roof is watertight, this cannot be guaranteed, and no responsibility can be accepted should the roof let in water. Main contractor/client to design, supply, and fix all suitable down pipes, gutters etc to prevent water ingress.

Pull-out tests, if required this will be at an additional cost.

The hirers undertake not to carry out / cause or permit any adaptions to the structure or to interfere with it in any way except as provided for in the said quotation. Only alterations to the existing structure required by the Hirers will be carried out at day work rates, plus expenses agreed between the parties. No adaptions are permitted without written consent. Any adaption will be charged at £350+VAT, if applicable, per workman with a minimum of 2 men required for any adaption.

The hirers shall be responsible for and shall make good to LSE any loss or damage to LSE equipment whilst on site. The hirers shall reimburse LSE in respect of any loss for which they are responsible at the full current price of any replacement and the cost of repair to any item of LSE equipment (if capable of being repaired).

All business is transacted in accordance with our standard T&Cs available on request.