Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Permission to Erect Scaffolding?

You do not need permission to erect scaffolding on your own property. If scaffolding needs to be erected on or near someone else’s property, then permission will need to be obtained.

For example; if you have a shared driveway, property is on a high street, access to a shared wall is needed.

Are you Licensed and Insured?

We are accredited by CHAS, ConstructionLine, Social Value, Alcumus, SafeContractor and SMAS Worksafe certificated. We also hold public liability insurance of up to £5,000,000.

If there is a specific certification that your company requires from their contractors, please ask us.

What is Your Availability?

Next day! This is in order to load up the vans with the correct sizing, tubes and boards, that is required for your job.

What Sort of Scaffold Do I Need?

This will depend on the type of use that you might need it for.

If you need the scaffolding to replace the roof, you might be interested in a scaffolding with a metal roof.
If you are doing external decorating works, you might need the scaffolding to be wrapped around the building.
For solar panel installations, you would require a scaffolding to give you roof access without the roof cover.

We are able to bespoke any type of scaffolding to fit your requirements. See our recent projects page.

I Require Urgent Scaffolding, Can You Assist Me?

Yes we can assist with all urgent scaffoldings, whether you need a design for the scaffold, a pavement license or a RAMS.

We are able to assist you from beginning to end with all your urgent scaffolding needs / requirements.

Are You Able to Provide RAMS if Needed?


Providing a Site-Specific Risk Assessment/Method Statement (RAMS) is a standard requirement that many of our clients need prior to erecting scaffolding.

How Long Does it Take to Erect Scaffolding on a House?

This typically depends on the type of scaffold needed.

Your average 3 storey house with a front and back scaffold will take a full day to erect.

Does Scaffolding Need To Be Inspected?

Yes, scaffolding needs to be inspected and signed off weekly. This is a service that we do provide together with the scaffold hire.

Are You Able to Carry Out a Bespoke Scaffolding Design?

Yes, we are able to carry out bespoke designs to fit your job requirements.

Can You Sort a Scaffolding Licence or is This Something I Need To Do?

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure a scaffolding license in obtained. However, we have a very close relationship with all councils, we are therefore able to provide this service of obtaining your permits should you require assistance.